Stage Packaging

Staging Consultation with Report & Recommendations
Consultations begin with a walk-through of both the exterior and interior of the home. We will take photos to highlight areas of concern as well as to designate the focal points of your rooms. We will review the steps of home staging and discuss how each step will add to the property’s overall value. You will learn how to make your home appeal to each of a buyer’s five senses. All are important!
We will then begin preparing your written Report & Recommendations with specific enhancement instructions.

The Report & Recommendations include:

Customized, room-by-room enhancement recommendations that you can implement yourself
Property photos with detailed information on how to improve each space
Recommendations of any repairs or improvements that will benefit the property
Suggestions on how to prepare the home to sell
A list of your Top Five Staging Priorities. You will have homework!
Once you have these recommendations, you can immediately begin doing the work yourself or hiring the painters, cleaners, packers, etc. you need to get it done and get your house on the market!
Fee Structure for Consultation and Reports & Recommendations:
$250 (up to 3500 sq. ft.)
$300 (3501- 4500 sq. ft.)
$350 (4501- 5500 sq. ft.)
Over 5500 square feet, please request a quote
For a Do-It-Yourself Consultation in your home without the Report & Recommendations, please request a quote

One Day Stage
Each of your home’s main areas (generally the entry/living room, kitchen, baths, master suite) will be edited and arranged to show off their best features. We will analyze each room’s needs and then rearrange, eliminate, and/or position the furniture and accessories for you. The most efficient way to give your home all the qualities that make potential buyers notice and remember your home!                                                                                                                                    $750
Full Service Staging
Our Full Service Staging service goes beyond the One Day Stage to complete the preparation of all rooms in the home. Furniture layout, accessories, and lighting are just a few of the areas we consider when staging each room. We will also, if you prefer, work with painters, cleaners, packers, etc. to get work done! If you have had to relocate or prefer to not participate in this step, we can help.
Full Service Staging results in your home being pulled together with colors and style.
Pricing: Please request a quote.

Situation Staging
Situation Staging includes items that you may not own or may have already moved that will give your home a welcoming feel to potential buyers. These might include things such as lighting, candles, throws, pillows, or small furniture items. We can work within any budget to accessorize your home!
Fee Structure for Situation Staging:
$60 per month and up, depending on accessories added. Please request quote. Can be quoted per room or per home.
Furniture Staging
Furniture Staging is the best option for vacant or brand new homes. Most buyers cannot visualize furnishings that are not there. Often, well-placed furniture will let them imagine their own in the space and allow them to get a feel for the size of each room. This can be done through furniture that we have in inventory or by renting pieces that coordinate with your home’s style.
Pricing: Please request a quote.